We’ve been talking one-on-one with a lot of you throughout June and July and some common themes and threads have been emerging – you are working hard, you care deeply for those who you serve, you share worries for what’s ahead in the fall and the unknown, and there are definitely culture shifts amongst your staff as a result from working from home.

We’ve been scenario planning with some, you can read more about this work here and definitely connect with resources via our most recent blog here. What we’d love to do next is invite you to join us as a group for Open Office Hours – every Tuesday at 9 am during the month of August, Debra and Karen will be in a Zoom meeting and hope to chat with a group on issues of importance to you. We’ll talk about nonprofit scenario planning – how to get started, what you are thinking about for the fall, what your worries are around COVID, where you are feeling stuck, how your staff culture is holding up.

If you’d like to be on the email list to receive the Zoom link (you can join when you are available each week), please email info@thestrategygroupllc.