Our Services

The Strategy Group (TSG) welcomes the opportunity to work with you to meet your organization’s needs and objectives.  A few highlights of the work we do:




  • Strategic Planning:  The strategic planning process helps you determine where you want to go, how you can get there, what resources you will need, and how you will implement and evaluate the plan.  We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about the type of strategic planning work you wish to do.  We offer one- or two-day strategy sessions for organizations looking to focus on immediate goals and develop action plans with a shorter time horizon.  We also work on comprehensive 2-5 year plans.
  • Business Planning:  Organizations can build upon their existing Strategic Plan, or enhance their operations by working with TSG to create a Business Plan, with a comprehensive financial model from which to operate.
  • Mergers:  Mergers offer exciting opportunities and growth for organizations but take time and careful execution.  We help guide the merger partners through a three-stage process of exploration, negotiation, and implementation.
  • Governance:  We will work with you to strengthen your board’s functioning. Through retreats and training sessions, we focus on best practices around board recruitment, retention, relationships between board members and staff, and governance.
  • Executive Searches:  High performing leaders are critical to the ability of an organization to meet its mission.  We work to ensure a thorough recruitment and onboarding process for executive level searches.  We work with you to establish search priorities, define a search strategy, attract candidates, and present the most qualified candidates to you for consideration.
  • Executive Coaching:  We help mid- to upper-level employees increase their communication skills, gain confidence, grow their teams, and become more effective leaders.  Coaching programs are typically 6-12 months long, and employ a combination of in-person and phone meetings.
  • Leadership Workshops:  TSG offers several half-day and full day retreats to meet your professional development needs. Workshop topics include:

Non-profit Management

Governance Best Practices


Creating Effective Teams

Effective Supervision

Conflict Resolution

Having Honest Conversations