Our Services

The Strategy Group (TSG) welcomes the opportunity to work with you to meet your organization’s needs and objectives.  A few highlights of the work we do:




  • Strategic Planning:  Non-profit strategic planning with TSG focuses on crafting a 2-5 year plan used to guide your organization’s future.  We also offer shorter strategy sessions for organizations looking to focus on immediate goals and develop pans with a 1-year horizon.
  • Business Planning:  Enhance non-profit operations and effectiveness by working with TSG to create a business plan, including a comprehensive financial model for your organization.
  • Mergers:  Mergers offer unique but complex opportunities for growth.  Our three-step process will successfully guide merger partners through exploration, negotiation, and final implementation.
  • Governance:  Strengthen your board effectiveness through retreats and training sessions with TSG.  We focus on best practices for board recruitment and retention, relationships between board members and staff, and governance.
  • Executive Searches:  We help your organization establish executive search priorities, define your search strategy, attract candidates, and hire a performing leader to guide your non-profit.  We ensure a thorough recruitment and onboarding process for executive level searches.
  • Leadership Workshops:  TSG offers several half-day and full day retreats to meet your professional development needs. Workshop topics include:

Non-profit Management

Governance Best Practices


Creating Effective Teams

Effective Supervision

Conflict Resolution

Having Honest Conversations