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Nonprofits play a huge role in building and supporting communities. Demands are ever increasing. Focusing on business while delivering on mission can be challenging at best. Every dollar must be used toward excellence and service.

We understand the day to day and strategic challenges nonprofits face.

The Strategy Group is a team of leading edge practitioners that have decades of experience guiding and leading organizations. Our multifaceted experience drives our client engagements with an empathetic and transformational approach. We know and can help you strategically navigate the inner and outer workings of social and public sector systems as well as your internal operations. As your guides, teachers, and partners we delight in collaborating and supporting your leadership in creating communities that thrive.

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“The Strategy Group not only created an impactful strategic plan for our Boys and Girls Club, but guided our Board through a focused regional search that led us to recently finding our Club’s new CEO. They have also proved to be an invaluable resource for me as Board Chair. They quickly grasped the dynamic between the Board, the Staff and the Membership of our Club and provided valuable guidance in managing all aspects of our organization.”

George Fox, Chair, Board of Directors

Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich


Debra Hertz is a nonprofit strategy expert and is The Strategy Group’s founder and Managing Director. She has created a powerful DNA within her team/organization leveraging her innate sense of “courageous conversation” and pioneering business strategy excellence. In addition to leading The Strategy Group, Debra is an adjunct professor at Fordham University and has instructed hundreds of up and comers in nearly 20 years at the Graduate School of Social Services at the Fordham NYC campus where she received her Ph.D. and Master of Social Work.

“Whether you are small but mighty or large and far-reaching or somewhere in between, we are honored to help you live your mission.”


Karen Brennan is a Senior Consultant at The Strategy Group who specializes in facilitating interviews and focus groups, conducting in-depth research and analysis, and overseeing project management. She has a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and earned her BA from Wellesley College. Her background is in results-oriented leadership consulting, along with data measurement and research.

“I love talking to people and hearing about their work, their challenges, and their ideas — it’s like helping with a puzzle, and when it all comes together at the end and we can see the whole picture. We piece together the story for each client to help guide their work to move them forward. It’s unbelievably satisfying!”


Sarah Neumann is The Strategy Group’s Office Manager and keeps the team moving forward at all times. Her marketing, business, and sales skills coupled with her extensive volunteer experience, provides The Strategy Group the foundation needed to serve our clients. Sarah earned her undergraduate degree from Saint Michael’s College.

I love being a part of the energy at The Strategy Group helping our clients best serve those in need and their communities.”

“When your organization needs support to go from good to great, call The Strategy Group!”

Alan Mathis, President & CEO

LifeBridge Community Services

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