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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant

Are you thinking of hiring a nonprofit consultant?

Most organizations consider consultants when they need to access a skill that does not exist in the organization or when there is limited in house capacity or they need an objective third party to help them move forward. Hiring a nonprofit consultant can be a substantial investment and you want to maximize your chance for success.

Here are 10 questions to ask consultants before […]

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Academic Director | Horizons


Horizons is seeking an Academic Director (AD) who will be responsible for developing and managing the academic and curricular elements of our core six-week Summer Program, as well as our K-12 school year program. The AD will report to the Executive Director and work in partnership with the Family and Program Director (FPD), and the rest of the six […]

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Chief Executive Officer | Person-to-Person


Person-to-Person, a Darien-based nonprofit organization, is seeking a strategic and dynamic CEO with demonstrated leadership experience who can guide the organization to its next level of development. The ideal candidate will have strong fundraising and community relations skills. And, of course, the next leader must have a passion for Person to Person’s mission. A full job description can be found […]

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A Simple Strategy or A Daring Adventure?

Seven years ago, we embarked on a daring adventure and gave it a name, The Strategy Group LLC. Our vision was simple…we wanted to help nonprofits address and solve their greatest challenges in the best way possible. We have been invited into organizations who want to strengthen their impact, improve their processes, and transform their culture.  

Our clients motivate us to be the best we can […]

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Having Difficult Conversations

Many years ago I had a boss who gave two types of feedback. You were either “phenomenal,” “extraordinary,” “a spark plug” (that was a really good thing) or you were “not strategic,” “bland” (I wasn’t often called that), “lazy.” Being called either fantastic or awful is not helpful. And that is a missed opportunity.

Giving effective feedback, either positive or negative, can be a gift. There is a three-step process I use very […]

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Race Matters

This summer I received an email from a former student who wrote that she was “saddened and disappointed by the lack of attention, acknowledgement, and concern for the Black and Brown staff and clients” within her nonprofit organization and the society at large. She went on to say that management had neglected to open a “dialogue, establish a culture of critique, and seems to hide from racism and classism.”

My student […]

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Stop The Meeting Madness

Ineffective meetings are a waste of time (and, of course, money) and correlate with lower work satisfaction.  Organizations are rethinking their approach to meetings in an effort to focus on “deep work.” This Harvard Business Review article encourages systemic change around how businesses look at and lead meetings. It includes some easy suggestions about how to learn and evolve.

Click here to read the full article:  Stop The Meeting Madness […]

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Of all the work I do, perhaps the most difficult is helping organizations work through the challenges of a successful merger. Here are a few of my learnings…

Mergers take time.

Mergers take time, a lot of time. There is no way around it. It takes time to build trusting relationships, especially in a process that is often emotional and personal and fraught with tension. It takes time to understand what you […]

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Why should nonprofit boards care about diversity?

Does Your Board Reflect Who You Are and Who You Want To Be?

Why should nonprofit boards care about their diversity? Nonprofit boards need diversity – racial diversity, gender diversity, thought diversity, experience diverse.

Most nonprofit boards lack diversity by most demographic measures. In his recent article “The Wall Street Takeover of Nonprofit Boards,” Garry Jenkins writes about the pressure on nonprofits to raise money to adopt more corporate approaches to their […]

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