Finding Great Candidates in a Tight Job Market

Searching for that next great employee to add to your team? With the great resignation (which started in 2021 with masses of employees leaving their jobs for greener pastures) and people “quietly quitting” (employees who put no more effort into their jobs than absolutely necessary), attracting and acquiring talent is more challenging today than ever before. The tight labor market demands that nonprofits think outside the box to recruit and […]

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Executive Director | Community Mindfulness Project



Community Mindfulness Project empowers people to live healthier lives by expanding access to mindful meditation. As partners in health, the organization helps communities build mindfulness-based skills. CMP is seeking a fearless fundraiser who can help tell its story and lead the organization as it transitions from a founder-run enterprise to a professionally managed organization. To learn more about the […]

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Building Your Bench Strength: Nonprofit Succession Planning


Planning for both the foreseen and unexpected absences of people who hold key roles in an organization is a task which employers often avoid or engage in only in an informal manner. Worse yet, we sometimes limit the planning to the “C-Suite.” Without concentrated effort on succession planning, a business that has been successful can quickly fail if one or more of […]

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How Your Nonprofit Could Benefit from An Environmental Scan

As a nonprofit looks to embark on a strategic plan, engaging stakeholders (staff, board, community members, funders, and clients) early in the planning can lead to greater understanding, and ultimately involvement and ownership throughout the process. Designing a well-crafted environmental scan gives you the chance to pause, listen, and maybe even be surprised with ideas and information.

Simply put, environmental scanning is a process used by an organization […]

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Five Reasons Why Heading Into 2023 With an Executive Coach is a Good Idea

Let’s face it, it’s been a long couple of years and we’re all still feeling the side effects of the pandemic despite it being (mostly) behind us. Now more than ever, leaders are turning to nonprofit executive coaches to gain insight into their professional styles, skills, and values. The goal is to help leaders go from where they are to where they need to be. At TSG, we work with […]

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Director of Operations | RYASAP




Established in 1985 and serving the Greater Bridgeport region, RYASAP (Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership) works to ensure the safe and healthy development of youth, young adults, and families by actively engaging organizations, public officials, and community leaders around issues that matter most to the community.

RYASAP’s Director of Operations plays a critical role in establishing organizational […]

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Making Employee Wellness a Priority at Your Nonprofit

Now more than ever well-being drives the bigger picture for nonprofits. So, what does this mean for your organization? It’s all about creating a workplace where your employee and your nonprofit can thrive.

We recently attended the first Impact Summit hosted by LinkedIn for Nonprofits where employee wellness was on the agenda. Employees who participate in employee wellness programs report less stress and improved mental health, and overall can be […]

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Job Opportunties | River House Adult Day Center



River House was founded in 1977 and remains committed to providing the highest quality care to aging adults in Greenwich, Stamford, and the surrounding areas while offering guidance and support to their caregivers. We are proud of our history of service to these communities.

River House’s mission is to provide adult day care that works for all […]

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Strengthening Nonprofits with Capacity Building: An Investment in Success and Long-Term Impact

Nonprofit sustainability, or the ability to continue delivering relevant social impact day in and day out, has always been important to nonprofit leaders and to The Strategy Group. We see that in the strategic plans we guide our clients to create, in the people we help them hire, and in the retreats and workshops we conduct for staff and board to build strong foundational organizations. However, the work doesn’t end […]

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Developing Internal Communications to Nurture a Happy and Productive Workplace


On March 31, The Strategy Group held a webinar with Adam Schair, Head of Internal Communications at New York Life will share with TSG partners and nonprofit executives and managers from around the country the best tips and strategies for strengthening internal communications (a critical topic you have been asking about).

Adam has 20 years of expertise in leading teams […]

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