What We’ve Learned Managing Ten Nonprofit Job Searches Over the Past Year

Recruiting qualified candidates, screening applicants, interviewing and finding the best person for the job, negotiating the offer, and providing support post-hire takes time when you are doing a job search. How do we know? We worked closely on eight executive level searches last year and have two in process, and a few more in the hopper. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way about managing nonprofit job […]

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Part Two: Ready, Set, Get Hired 

Part Two: Resume Review and Mock Interview Sessions

These customized virtual sessions are available for a limited time, and complement our free webinar offered in December.* They are designed specifically for nonprofit professionals looking to stand out and/or make a career change.

Our sessions will help you:

  1. Position yourself as someone who can produce results for the position you are seeking to find!
  2. Make sure you have a resume that is well-organized, […]
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We work with some pretty amazing people!


In March, when the world seemed to come to a crashing halt, we didn’t know what work might look like for The Strategy Group in the months that followed. Here’s what we now know:

  1. You adapted with incredible grace and kindness. Your clients are better because of you.
  2. Flexibility often leads to creativity, and we are pushing ourselves to be bold how we work […]
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Open Office Hours in August

We’ve been talking one-on-one with a lot of you throughout June and July and some common themes and threads have been emerging – you are working hard, you care deeply for those who you serve, you share worries for what’s ahead in the fall and the unknown, and there are definitely culture shifts amongst your staff as a result from working from home.

We’ve […]

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Is it Time for Radical Reflection?

The dust is settling a bit, and we are just beginning to consider the future. We don’t know what that future is going to look like, but it is going to be different than the past, for sure.

Here is what I know… nonprofits are strong and resilient. When I look around, I see nonprofits leading the way during this pandemic. Our communities and the people we serve expect no less.

In […]

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Four Elements of a Kickass Nonprofit Board

“A good board is a victory, not a gift.”  –Cyril O. Houle

As many of you know, I have taught at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service for almost 20 years. Without a doubt, I love teaching. Every once in a while, it is nice to be the student not the teacher. Recently I attended a three-day workshop on nonprofit governance at BoardSource in Washington. What I learned certainly validated […]

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Five Reasons Why Succession Planning is Important

The best leaders think carefully about what will happen when they leave. Because at some point they will. It seems pretty simple yet many organizations prefer to ignore that fact. Whether the departure is planned or a surprise, early planning can help ensure a smooth, or at least a smoother, transition.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning is an ongoing process where organizations identify and groom high performing candidates for key positions. […]

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How to be a Successful Nonprofit Board Chair

In September, Debra conducted a training for over 30 board chairs at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. One of the participants suggested we have a cheat sheet with tips on how to be a successful board chair — tips for what to do before you take on the role, what to do once you are chair, and how to leave on a high note. […]

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Nonprofit Leadership Bootcamp

On June 11, The Strategy Group held its first leadership workshop at the Darien Community Association for 22 executive directors and upper level managers.  We explored leadership styles, how to build a successful team, and handling conflict and having difficult conversations.  Executive leaders — Mike Duggan from Domus, Nancy von Euler from Horizons at NCCS, and Alan Mathis from LifeBridge Community Services, Inc. — joined us for an engaging panel discussion on […]

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Don’t Skimp on Nonprofit Executive Onboarding

Nonprofit Executive Onboarding Checklist (Free Download)

One of The Strategy Group’s more “boutique” services is nonprofit executive searches. We have worked with a number of philanthropic, environmental, cultural and human services organizations to find new leadership. And our success rate is very high!

Once the search is complete, another important step begins… onboarding. You may ask why onboarding is so important (and, unfortunately overlooked). The bottom line is that the onboarding […]

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