Free Webinar | Nonprofit Strategic Alliances

We have entered into unprecedented times and with all the stressors out there and having to isolate ourselves from the very communities that support us, we want to make life a little bit easier. Let’s connect … virtually! Please join us on March 31 for a webinar (now offered free of charge to all) on nonprofit strategic alliances. We will be talking about how you can use partnerships, collaborations, and […]

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Four Elements of a Kickass Nonprofit Board

“A good board is a victory, not a gift.”  –Cyril O. Houle

As many of you know, I have taught at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service for almost 20 years. Without a doubt, I love teaching. Every once in a while, it is nice to be the student not the teacher. Recently I attended a three-day workshop on nonprofit governance at BoardSource in Washington. What I learned certainly validated […]

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Defining Your Organizational Values

Organizational values are your organization’s “True North.” They represent the core of who you are, what you do, and how you define success. They are powerful reminders of the culture you want to create and live, and how you want to accomplish your mission. They are your “fixed point in a spinning world” that help you stay on track.

It might sound soft but defining your organization’s core values and incorporating […]

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Five Reasons Why Succession Planning is Important

The best leaders think carefully about what will happen when they leave. Because at some point they will. It seems pretty simple yet many organizations prefer to ignore that fact. Whether the departure is planned or a surprise, early planning can help ensure a smooth, or at least a smoother, transition.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning is an ongoing process where organizations identify and groom high performing candidates for […]

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How to be a Successful Nonprofit Board Chair

In September, Debra conducted a training for over 30 board chairs at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. One of the participants suggested we have a cheat sheet with tips on how to be a successful board chair — tips for what to do before you take on the role, what to do once you are chair, and how to leave on a high note. […]

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Don’t Skimp on Nonprofit Executive Onboarding

Nonprofit Executive Onboarding Checklist (Free Download)

One of The Strategy Group’s more “boutique” services is nonprofit executive searches. We have worked with a number of philanthropic, environmental, cultural and human services organizations to find new leadership. And our success rate is very high!

Once the search is complete, another important step begins… onboarding. You may ask why onboarding is so important (and, unfortunately overlooked). The bottom line is that the onboarding […]

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How to Have Excellent Meetings [Video]

Meetings — we all need them to get the important work we do done, but they can take up a lot of our when not planned and executed well.  But effective meetings can be a powerful tool as they energize staff and motivate them to work harder.  So what does it take to have an excellent meeting?  We are glad you asked.  We’ve put together a short 27-minute video that […]

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Develop your skills at our Nonprofit Leadership Bootcamp!

Join us for this nonprofit training session to improve your leadership skills.

Sessions will include:
Building and supervising a diverse and cohesive workplace
Having difficult conversations and handling conflict
How the nonprofit landscape is changing

There will also be opportunities to network and lunch with other nonprofit leaders!

Click here to go to Eventbrite and register!

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6 Tips for the Nonprofit Hiring Process


In nonprofits, your staff is your most valuable asset and it’s worth spending the time (and money) on the nonprofit hiring process to find the best people. Bad hires are costly and disruptive to your work. Moreover, most of us have hired a candidate only to find out they were not a great fit for the organization. When we are advising clients about staffing or […]

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