Planning for both the foreseen and unexpected absences of people who hold key roles in an organization is a task which employers often avoid or engage in only in an informal manner. Worse yet, we sometimes limit the planning to the “C-Suite.” Without concentrated effort on succession planning, a business that has been successful can quickly fail if one or more of its key employees or board members are lost.

On Wednesday, March 22, speaker, trainer, and coach Ed Krow conducted an interactive seminar designed to help staff and board gain broad knowledge of how to develop a succession plan for all levels of an organization. He walked the group through:

  • The steps to a successful transition process
  • Timelines for planning
  • The types of positions that are critical and would cause big problems if they went unfilled
  • Differences in staff succession planning vs. board succession planning
  • How to get started

With a proven track record in HR, Ed Krow is a people expert who uses his unique talent transformation process to leverage existing talent and align employees with organizational strategy to create change, drive sustainable growth, and maintain overall happiness.

For those who weren’t able to join us, we want to make life a little bit easier for you by making the resources available to you here.

Below please find the video

If The Strategy Group can help with your succession planning – including crafting of job descriptions, compensation studies, and general planning, please reach out to us and set up a time to talk. Email us at info@thestrategygroupllc.org or set up a 30-minute call using our calendar link. We are here for you!

Helpful Resources:

About Ed Krow:

Starting at UPS, Ed worked from the ground up. Along the way, he noticed that the best results happened when people could do their work without having to change who they were – a critical insight.

Ambitious and eager to add value, Ed was given a chance by a leader who believed in him. His career at UPS was pivotal. Buoyed by his insight and a desire to help others, Ed’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to become a consultant in strategic human resources.

Twenty years later, Ed continues to find his work professionally and personally rewarding.

When he’s not volunteering in the community or helping clients, Ed teaches at Millersville University. His first love is family, with golfing for a close second. If you do catch him at home, he’s likely cheering for the Notre Dame or Baltimore Ravens football teams. He can be reached at ed@edkrow.com.