The dust is settling a bit, and we are just beginning to consider the future. We don’t know what that future is going to look like, but it is going to be different than the past, for sure.

Here is what I know… nonprofits are strong and resilient. When I look around, I see nonprofits leading the way during this pandemic. Our communities and the people we serve expect no less.

In the future nonprofits are going to be called to deliver value in new ways. Status quo is not the way to thrive (or even survive). Doing things the way you always have just won’t cut it.

What does that mean for you? Doing an honest inventory of your organization and the larger environment is a first step. There are a lot of questions to consider…

  1. What are you going to do differently when this is over? Communicate in different ways, work remotely more often, tweak parts of your strategic plan, change your fundraiser … anything is OK … nothing is just not an option!
  2. What decisions do you need to make now? What decisions do you need to make in the near future? Start making the list, many of the decisions won’t be easy but they will be necessary for the health and success of the organization over time.
  3. Do you have the resources and capacity to grow or to continue? Do an assessment of what you have and what you need for survival, opportunity and expansion.
  4. Who are your key partners? How can you work together even more? Now more than ever, there is strength in cross-sector partnerships to reach into and serve your communities in new and innovative ways.
  5. What do your clients need from you? As you know, vulnerable people have been the first to suffer from the pandemic, and they will be the last to recover. Your clients will need you now more than ever.
  6. How can you continue to fundraise? This feels like a difficult time to ask for money when so many people are fragile and worried. But nonprofits depend on financial support. Find that balance in seeking support and offering support when fundraising in the coming months.

Let me end by saying that if you need to talk about these questions or others, please reach out to me. To schedule a 30-minute call with Debra, please use this link: We would love to talk with you about your future.