How a Nonprofit Merger Led to a Bigger and Better Mission


Connecticut Food Bank and Foodshare were two strong, financially solid organizations who together served all eight counties in the State of CT. The two organizations had complementary missions and a history of working together well. In 2020, Connecticut Food Bank found itself in the midst of a leadership transition and the two organizations decided the time […]

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Making Employee Wellness a Priority at Your Nonprofit

Now more than ever well-being drives the bigger picture for nonprofits. So, what does this mean for your organization? It’s all about creating a workplace where your employee and your nonprofit can thrive.

We recently attended the first Impact Summit hosted by LinkedIn for Nonprofits where employee wellness was on the agenda. Employees who participate in employee wellness programs report less stress and improved mental health, and overall can be […]

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What Are Your Operating Principles for Nonprofit Excellence?

There are many definitions of what operating principles are, but at the core, operating principles are essentially the way that organizations put their values into practice and get things done. Operating principles serve as guides, helping you make sound decisions, build trust, and hold each other accountable for your daily actions. In short, they are your ground rules in your work together. By choosing to use operating principles, you are […]

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Building Better Nonprofit Teams Post-Pandemic

At our Open Office Hours last month, one of our participants asked a great question of the group: “What are some creative ways to build my team during this time of social distancing, working in the office, work from home, and Zoom meetings?” Work is certainly different today and here are a few things we have found to be successful:

  1. Create office interest groups – Many people have picked up […]
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Is it Time to Reset or Refocus on Your Organizational Values?

As we come to the one-year mark of the pandemic, what better time stop and reflect on the year gone by. There is no doubt that your organization has been tested, your employees are tired, your resources have been stretched thin. Some of you might have considered throwing in the towel more than once or twice (we won’t tell!). But you persisted with incredible courage and determination and here we […]

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Five Ways to Maintain Culture in a Virtual Environment

Let’s start by defining organizational culture. My favorite definition is that culture is your organization’s personality and refers to how you “do things.” As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” And that is your culture.

Strong organizations pay close attention to their culture. As more and more of us are working virtually, it has become harder to maintain an awesome culture. Below are five tips for building or maintaining […]

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Defining Your Organizational Values

Organizational values are your organization’s “True North.” They represent the core of who you are, what you do, and how you define success. They are powerful reminders of the culture you want to create and live, and how you want to accomplish your mission. They are your “fixed point in a spinning world” that help you stay on track.

It might sound soft but defining your organization’s core values and incorporating […]

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How to Have Excellent Meetings [Video]

Meetings — we all need them to get the important work we do done, but they can take up a lot of our when not planned and executed well.  But effective meetings can be a powerful tool as they energize staff and motivate them to work harder.  So what does it take to have an excellent meeting?  We are glad you asked.  We’ve put together a short 27-minute video that […]

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Race Matters

This summer I received an email from a former student who wrote that she was “saddened and disappointed by the lack of attention, acknowledgement, and concern for the Black and Brown staff and clients” within her nonprofit organization and the society at large. She went on to say that management had neglected to open a “dialogue, establish a culture of critique, and seems to hide from racism and classism.”

My student […]

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