How to Implement a Nonprofit Merger

Lessons from the Connecticut Foodshare Merger

In part 1 of our series, we explored the factors and timing nonprofits should consider when thinking about a potential merger. Last month, we explored what happens once a nonprofit is ready to roll up its sleeves and do the work needed for a merger or alliance with another.

In this final and third installment, we explore what happens when two nonprofits cross the […]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Doing a Nonprofit Merger

Lessons from the Connecticut Foodshare Merger

Last month, we explored the factors and timing nonprofits should consider when thinking about a potential merger. If the timing and conditions are right for the organizations (like it was for CT Food Bank and FoodShare) to explore a merger or possible alliance, here’s the process The Strategy Group (TSG) prescribes for the optimal outcome for all:

  1. Organizational Scan: TSG talks with key stakeholders […]
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Why and When Should Nonprofits Consider a Merger?

Lessons from the Connecticut Foodshare Merger

Why do nonprofits typically look to merge? Nonprofit organizations typically merge to grow, to stabilize or, at times, to survive. Organizations who are not interested in a full merger may want to pursue a “strategic alliance” or “strategic collaboration” to create greater efficiencies or expand their reach. Whether looking at a merger or an alliance, organizations are often looking to:

  • increase service delivery and/or geographic […]
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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nonprofit Consultant

Are you thinking of hiring a nonprofit consultant?

Most organizations consider consultants when they need to access a skill that does not exist in the organization or when there is limited in house capacity or they need an objective third party to help them move forward. Hiring a nonprofit consultant can be a substantial investment and you want to maximize your chance for success.

Here are 10 questions to ask consultants before […]

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What Are Your Operating Principles for Nonprofit Excellence?

There are many definitions of what operating principles are, but at the core, operating principles are essentially the way that organizations put their values into practice and get things done. Operating principles serve as guides, helping you make sound decisions, build trust, and hold each other accountable for your daily actions. In short, they are your ground rules in your work together. By choosing to use operating principles, you are […]

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Five Ways to Work With Nonprofit Consultants

If your nonprofit organization has ever considered looking for some help with any aspect of your operations, planning, or leadership, it’s crucial that you weigh all your options before getting started. Knowing exactly what you need from a nonprofit consultant prior to engaging them will go a long way to save time and resources in the long-run. Here are FIVE ways your organization might work with a nonprofit consultant.

  1. Executive […]
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Short-term, Scenario, or Strategic Planning?


Historically, January is the time of year when organizations start their strategic planning. But with the pandemic, we’ve found a shift in thinking, and many are thinking short-term, with some needing to think about issues more immediate and some needing to think about multiple issues and weigh the pros and cons. We thought it helpful to break down the types of planning we […]

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HAYVN HalfTime | Radical Reflection

In early June, Debra gave a HAYVN Half Time webinar on radical reflection. What is radical reflection you might ask? Good question! It’s all about facing the uncertainties in your personal life and your professional life and how you can map out different “realities” that might happen. A first step is to do an honest inventory of yourself, your organization, and the larger environment.

We designed this radical reflection process as […]

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Nonprofit Scenario Planning

Nonprofit scenario planning offers organizations tools for strategic thinking and decision making. It helps you to identify the uncertainties you are facing and map out different “realities” that might happen. It sounds simple, and part of it is. It can also make a difference in your ability to navigate these rough waters more adeptly.

Scenario planning helps you react quickly and decisively, recognize or mitigate risk, plan for growth, and choose […]

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Nonprofit Strategic Alliances

Nonprofits work best when they work together! Whether it is a partnership, collaboration, or merger, strategic partnerships are an arrangement between one or more organizations to work together in an intentional manner toward a shared vision, helping each to better achieve their mission.

Nonprofit strategic partnerships allow for administrative efficiencies (e.g., economies of scale, new funding opportunities), potential programmatic opportunities (e.g., expansion, sustainability), and organizational development (e.g., strengthen leadership and impact). The […]

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