Nonprofit scenario planning offers organizations tools for strategic thinking and decision making. It helps you to identify the uncertainties you are facing and map out different “realities” that might happen. It sounds simple, and part of it is. It can also make a difference in your ability to navigate these rough waters more adeptly.

Scenario planning helps you react quickly and decisively, recognize or mitigate risk, plan for growth, and choose methods that work for you. It’s a disciplined way to imagine possible futures based on internal and external assumptions that may impact how the future could unfold.

On May 26, TSG held a virtual webinar on nonprofit scenario planning for over 55 friends – some we’ve known for quite a while and some new! As part of the session, we shared a case study we’ve been working on with the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich to show you this work in real time.

For those who weren’t able to join us, we want to make life a little bit easier for you by making the resources available to you here:

Click here to view the PowerPoint

 Click here to view the questions and answers

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