WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 9:00-10:00 AM

What if companies made developing their people’s capabilities core to their mission? And what if equipping people with the intellectual, emotional, and social capabilities they need to thrive and contribute in the world was a recognized and incentivized form of social contribution? Now more than ever, employers and employees know that embracing continuous learning and development is the single most important way to adapt and succeed in a fast-changing, complex, and technically driven world. But the challenge for leaders is how to change their organization’s culture and practices to support more conscious people development in the flow of everyday work. about anywhere else – why not harness that time for the betterment of your company, people, community, and world?

Leadership development experts and current/former CEOs, Ed Offterdinger and Catherine Allen will talk about what is possible when organizations make people core to their mission. They will share insights from their new book, Conscious, Capable, and Ready to Contribute, A Fable: How Employee Development Can Become the Highest Form of Social Contribution. Debra Hertz, Ed’s sister-in-law, will moderate a Q&A session to start followed by a robust discussion with you!

ED OFFTERDINGER is a strategic advisor and leadership coach with more than twenty-five years of leadership and client service experience as managing partner and CEO of large advisory companies. As cofounder and chairman of AO People Partners, a leadership development and people strategies firm, Ed spends much of his time helping leaders improve their performance and do what’s best for their team, their business, and society. As cofounder and chair of the Washington, DC, chapter of Conscious Capitalism, Ed has been helping spread the message about the power of business to do good. He also helped grow the DC chapter into the largest chapter in the US.

CATHERINE ALLEN is a leadership coach and the cofounder and CEO of AO People Partners, a company that helps transform organizations so they can take their people and their business to the next level of growth. Bringing over twenty-five years of industry, government, and nonprofit experience to the table, Catherine has a master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution as well as extensive experience in communications, leadership, and team development, change management, strategic planning, and intergenerational workforce matters. Catherine is a Founder’s Circle Member of the Washington, DC, chapter of Conscious Capitalism, and she advocates for businesses interested in doing good in the world.