The #1 question we get from clients is “why should we do strategic planning”? Our answer is short, it provides focus, clarity, and direction.

Yes, strategic planning for nonprofits is a significant investment in terms of time and money, both of which may be in short supply, but these resources could actually be improved or maximized with a strategic plan in place.

Strategic Planning helps you to answer some simple, yet profound, questions…

  • What does success look like for your nonprofit?
  • How have the needs of your community changed?
  • What do you do well?
  • What have you been doing that perhaps you should stop doing?
  • What differentiates your nonprofit from other organizations?
  • How can you jump start change?

When you and your organization are clear, it helps you to better handle the issues of “should we do this?” or “how do I handle that?” or “is this a fit”? Once you have a plan, it helps you and your team to filter out the noise and distractions, and focus on what is most important for the organization and the people that you serve.

Strategic planning is not a one size fits all process. We recognize planning needs are different and have written dozens of strategic plans ranging from the full year process to one-day mini-planning sessions:

  1. Full Planning  – If planning is part of your culture, doing a full strategic plan every three or so years helps you to examine where you want to go and how you are going to get there.
  2. Tune Up – These one-day mini-planning sessions are great to help you define shorter term (1 year) goals and strategies.  Many organizations like to do tune ups in the summer (unless summer is your busiest season!).
  3. Transformative Planning – Has the environment within which you work changed dramatically?  Is your place clear?  If not, you may want to a deep dive examining why you exist, where you fit in, how you function, and where you want to go in the future.

Whether you are looking for a revolutionary or evolutionary plan, strategic planning is designed to help you best manage your future.

Is your nonprofit ready for strategic planning?

Find out now when you access our  “Are You Ready for Strategic Planning” piece to figure out where you are in the process and how a customized strategic plan can help you get where your nonprofit needs to be.

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